TEDxManitoba 2012 Technical Report

I’ve been quite busy over the past few weeks wrangling all the technical aspects of TEDxManitoba 2012, which took place this past February 9th. Being a part of the steering committee for the event was an incredible experience, as was working with my crew in my position as technical lead. I was also fortunate to make a number of new connections and friends through the experience — as well as, of course, hearing some fantastic ideas worth spreading. After the event went so well, I wanted to write up a quick overview of how we pulled off the day’s technical aspects so I could give credit where credit is due. (Lost? Read up on TEDx Events.)

Per-Capita Commuter Stats?


Traffic Jam It seems to me we have a traffic problem in Winnipeg. Of course, we’re glad we don’t have to put up with traffic the way that Toronto and Vancouver do, or any other larger city. But I wonder if there any stats comparing the rush-hour traffic delay on a per-capita basis? If rush hour in Winnipeg adds 20 minutes in a city of 700,000, is that better or worse than adding 45 minutes to the commute time in a city of 4million? Something tells me we have more traffic delay than we should have, and that this actually inhibits our growth as a city.

TEDx Manitoba Participants

The following is an *unofficial* list of TEDx Manitoba participants and their online coordinates. These are the people who — someplace on Twitter — have references that at least imply they’ll be there. The list was built from my TEDxMB Twitter List, so the “@” links and “#” hashtags below are Twitter links. The Bio’s are mostly from Twitter as well. I have only included the speakers for whom I have social media particulars rather than just websites, since (a) the official TEDx Manitoba site already has that info and more, and (b) my intent was more toward connecting/following through social media.