Googlezilla: is Size Inherently Evil?

Google I’ve often wondered about the relationship of corporate size and corporate wrongdoing. Is there a connection beyond the coincidental, beyond what one would expect statistically by the fact that more people means more opportunity for wrongdoing? One of Google‘s well-known guiding principles has always been “do no evil.”1 I have to credit them for the gutsy move of putting it right out there like that… but you know eventually it’s going to draw criticism. Given Google’s now-gargantuan size, this motto, and a recent event or two, it only makes sense to see if these dots connect with my recurring question about size and evil.

Classic Television Commercials

I miss the old free rendition of AdCritic, but we’ve got YouTube now, I guess… which has got to be putting a serious dent in AdCritic’s revenue model. Now I see there’s also Classic TV Ads: Free Classic Television Commercials for those who pine for the days of the straightforward black-and-white endorsement-style television ad. How “far” we’ve come.